Hello world!

I started my technical life from the day I had come to NIT Durgapur, leaving behind the worst college I had been studying in so far (maybe a week or two), Jalpaiguri Govt. College..and showing the cold shoulder to a couple of seniors I hated like hell!! My life actually opened up after I came here in NIT-D with too intellectual an environment for you to not do any work, too friendly an atmosphere, and too good the teachers (though the 1st year profs sucked, but the 2nd year ones are good). Anyway, just after the 1st year ended and I was living my utterly boring life at home during the two and a half months of summer vacations, my brother Samikshan Bairagya suggested me to take part in a summer training program. It was called ‘I know what you will do this summer’.. Well, so I checked out the site, saw that it’s free, and so I enrolled in it..

The classes started, I was loving it.. Actually our main teacher for this program, Mr. Kushal Das, currently an instructor at #dgplug which is a channel on IRC, in the beginning introduced everyone to a very strong and intelligent sense of humour which I just really loved, man.. You guys might not believe it but I just used to roll on the bed laughing while he used to mock some stupid people online.. His words can have that sting very finely, but with every reason to do so! Me and Shouvik (same college) used to love it and gossip amongst ourselves about it.. Maybe these classes were a tension breaker, and so I eagerly wanted to continue with it..

Plenty of laughs, lets come to the main thing.. We got used to his nature, so didnt ROFL so much now.. Classes got serious, we were started being taught python by none other than Kushal Das.. Actually he has even written a book on python as well “Python for You and Me’. One special reason I preferred this book, was because, firstly it was SHORT, and secondly, the book was written in such a way, that it need not write long passages to make the reader understand stuff, all that was needed, were some appropriate examples.. a really clever approach to efficient learning, which I really liked very much. So I learnt python, fairly well also.. Infact I had started to become so fascinated by this utterly easy, small but incredibly powerful language, that along with the programs that were given to be done in the online classes, I even devised some programs MYSELF as well.. such as the  program I wrote which would print the names and budgets of the top 350 All-time worldwide top-grossing movies according to the descending order of their BUDGETS (not the earnings).. and it was a success.. This python language is so cool, man.. just 7-8 lines can move mountains!!

Anyway, all said and done, finally I got to work on a project.. my work is to write a tool which can create plots/graphs of the commit history of a git repo. So I started working on it.. First of all I didnt even have any idea about what the hell this thing named github actually was. But thankfully my brother helped me a lot in making me understand it, and Chandan Kumar (a final year student of BC Roy College) helped me tremendously in guiding me step by step about how to use Konsole to use git repo’s and clone them, how to use SHA keys and all.. everything was told me by him, thanks to him for that!

Now one thing that Kushal had told me on the day of giving me the project, was that I have two options in terms of libraries, one is python-dulwich, and the other one being pygit2.. So I googled about them.. but sadly speaking, all they used to explain about these, contained whole bunches of really technical terms, and it was really difficult for me to understand about what exactly IS it, and how the hell to use it ??  And in college we got hardly around 6 hours free time in our hostel room, out of which, almost 90% of the time HAD to be wasted in meaningless social activities, I just couldnt concentrate on my work by any means.. I called my brother, but he was busy with gsoc and all.. Even Shouvik left this training so I couldnt even ask him! And here my teacher Kushal Das was pissed off for writing rubbish in the readme file of my git repo! (He didnt know that I was having no idea about what I was suppposed to do) Just in the middle of all this, my grandmother died.. MORE trouble! I just thought of calling it quits, but no I thought that I’d keep trying.. So finally today, after some suggestion from Kushal himself, I got to learn everything about git.. I learnt it from the following three links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distributed_revision_control http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Source_code_management http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git_(software) and managed to get an idea about this whole new concept on commits and repositories that has been boggling my mind for a week!


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