Implementation of automatic SNR detection in Simon-listens

Made my first commit to simon-listens today, a speech-recognition solution by which you can control your computer by giving commands with your voice. Previously, the users needed to separately do “training”s inside Simon to configure their mic settings according to their voice, and adjust it in a way such that there is not much background noise and their voice can be heard distinctly. Well, that problem just got resolved, because from now on, their is no need for the users to undergo any “training”s before using Simon to control their system. He/she can simply talk directly on the mic, and they will be shown on the main window itself, if the signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR) is sufficiently high or not, and the mic configuration can be changed accordingly if required.

Thanks to my mentor Peter Grasch for helping me understand the working components of the software, and the source code in details 🙂