My comeback with Marble and KDE


Well, I have to say I had been in some kind of “mental shutdown” ever since the series of bad incidents that had happened to me, but it feels good to say, that now after coming back home, and getting a few days to get a grip back on myself, I am back with FOSS again.

I just pushed my latest patch to the upstream git repository of Marble after it got accepted in the git reviewboard, and thus have enabled the support for reading and writing of the gx:altitudeMode KML tag in Marble, which means that, from now on, along with being able to get the height of any location relative to ground, the height clamped to the ground, and the absolute height, we will also be able to get the height relative to and clamped to sea floor as well.

Here are the contents that were present in the previous tag of <altitudeMode>

And here are the contents of the new tag <gx:altitudeMode> whose reading/writing have been enabled by me:

Thanks to my mentor Dennis Nienhüser for reviewing my patch 🙂