I’m a GSoC’er! :)

Well, the results for Google Summer of Code are out, and I am proud to say that I am finally a GSoC’er 🙂
My project is on implementing interactive tours in Marble. Tours are a set of related places in Marble with supporting media, visited in a defined timeline, which can be played back, and are useful for a range of tasks, like highlighting places of interest for sightseeing, or taking a trip of the highest skyscrapers of the world, or even showing historic events and political changes happening over decades. Even though the Marble library currently supports these use cases but the UI does not reveal all the features yet. My project is about making them possible.

Well, although I am already super-excited about starting off with my project right now, unfortunately my end-semester exams had to come in between all this, so I can’t start with it right away. My exams are going to end on the 5th of May, after which me and my mentors Dennis and Torsten are going to discuss a few organisational stuff in the beginning, and after that, it’s going to be hardcore coding all the way. Thanks to Lydia and all the mentors of KDE for selecting me in this program. I’m sure it’s gonna be a great summer for me ahead! Just can’t wait for it to start! 🙂


Marble Updates

Never blogged much these days. Just wanted to make a quick post about my few contributions to Marble recently:

  1. Added equality operators for GeoDataLatLonQuad, GeoDataLod and GeoDataRegion – Added operator== and operator!= functions to each of the classes mentioned above, and then extended tests/TestEquality by a new unit test method for each of the classes, which verifies the implementation for several instances of each class, and to check the working of the newly added methods.
  2. Added a KML tour for the moon which can be started from the legend – Created data/maps/moon/clementine/tour.kml using Marble’s Tour Widget. Added a link to the above tour inside the <legend> tag of data/maps/moon/clementine/clementine.dgml
  3. Added equality operators for overlay related classes – Added equality operators for the following classes: GeoDataViewVolume, GeoDataVec2, GeoDataScreenOverlay, GeoDataPhotoOverlay and GeoDataGroundOverlay. Also, added the definition for GeoDataGroundOverlay::setLatLonQuad(const GeoDataLatLonQuad& quad). Added a protected bool equals( const GeoDataOverlay &other ) const method to GeoDataOverlay which is called in operator== of GeoDataScreenOverlay, GeoDataPhotoOverlay and GeoDataGroundOverlay to avoid redundancy. Then extended the tests/TestEquality by a new unit test method for each of the classes (except of GeoDataOverlay) which verifies the implementation for several instances of each class.
  4. Finally, added equality operators for Schema and SimpleField – Added operator== and operator!= to the classes GeoDataSimpleField and GeoDataSchema. Extended TestEquality by a new unit test method for each class which verifies the implementation for several instances of each class.

Btw, I would just like to mention, that all of these tasks, wouldn’t have even existed in the first place, if it weren’t for Dennis, my mentor. I owe all my thanks to him for all his help and support 🙂