My experiences at Randa Meetings 2015

One more Randa Meetings just got over, and even though it has been about a week since then, I still keep thinking about the awesome moments I spent when I was there. Got to meet Dennis and Torsten after a long one year since the last year meetings. And this time it was even better because this time they stayed there for the whole week, which was not the case last time. To add to the excitement, this time Torsten had brought his telescope as well, along with a couple of his binoculars. It was around midnight on the very first day of the meetings, when a bunch of us had gone out to take a look at the clear starry skies through his telescope. Although our hands and legs literally froze there after an hour or so from the cold outside, I finally got to know why most of the stars are visible only in a certain part of the sky, got to see a bunch of constellations, and also the Andromeda galaxy as well. It was awesome, thanks to Torsten and his telescope.

Started hacking on Marble right on from the following day. This year, we worked mainly on the Marble Maps and on OSM vector tile rendering for particular altitude levels in the map, by working on the Marble library, which means that it can be visible on both the desktop and the mobile versions. We have come a long way in making progress on Marble Maps, and hope to release it to the public soon for a few months. So, watch out.

There was a trip to Zermatt this year as well,


from where we did an almost 4-ish hours of walk back to Randa (my right leg still hurts from the walk :P) which was too much fun and would love to do that again the next time. And the food, oh it just couldn’t get better than this. I still miss the lasagna.

Thanks to Mario once again for organizing these meetings. Readers, please donate to the KDE sprints fundraiser if you want to support these meetings so that they can be organised in the succeeding years as well. Hope to be back again next year if possible for spending some more productive time with some of the coolest developers alive on the planet. Cheers! 🙂



3 thoughts on “My experiences at Randa Meetings 2015

  1. It was 2.5 – 3 hours, but yeah, you and a couple of others looked like they could do with a couple of days without walking :p

    Hope to see you again, glad you enjoyed your stay in Switzerland

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